TRUMP IS DEAD, Part 5, “Panel Says Trump Led Attempted Coup”

Bruce Piasecki
4 min readJun 10, 2022


As a politically neutral American, truly proud of our democratic traditions, I must say yesterday’s TV centric show from the Congressional hearing on January 6 must have opened the eyes further for about 30 to 40 percent of the “undecided” elements of the American public. There are the people who are alert, concerned, but follow public trends in their voting patterns.

Trump is dead, even after day one of these TV hearings, for three historic reasons. Of course, the judicial process is a long process, not a rock concert. Most Americans (the other 60 percent), who I love and cherish, want rock concert intensity and they will pay for that, and then go home. That 60 percent is divided for sure. They each have their favorite rock stars. Van Morrison, U2, Bob Dylan, the rapper Eminem, Leonard Cohen, Stevie Wonder, or another artist with better swagger. But Politics is not really about swagger in the end. Bravado only is temporary. Look at the troubles other Trump looks like folks like Boris in the UK.

However, three “things” (empirical measurable things) came to me as a social historian, that those who support Trump are also now dead in the water. They are being hospitalized in the dozens, suffering, as you know, from misinformation about his tax policies, his positions on Europe, and even this endless pandemic. Put that aside, I am talking about electability when I say TRUMP IS DEAD. Here are the three social trends with strong currents behind them.

One) Liz Cheney is a respectable Republican, I knew her father. She is informed, calm, focused, and effective.

You can feel her personal animus, and anger at her party, but you can also sense her rightness. Everything she says has mountains of evidence, not opinion behind her. She is the pivot person in this basketball game. Trump’s cronies, and Trump himself, cannot touch her. Now folks like Rudy G, and others (like Madoff and each under arrest from the 300 Proud Boys, etc) are in jail or near jail. She and her bi-partisan All Americans will make this stick in the minds of the mainstream press, those voting, and the TV crowd in general.

Imagine their quiet thoughts in the supermarkets of their soul this day and the next days. Trump is DEAD. I can see a few rockers saying that in songs next month.

Win McNamee/Getty

Two) I am in many senses/history/world view a moderate Republican, awaiting the return to that grand old party of Lincoln and those I worked with in my Washington Days (1979 to my first best seller 1990). Yet I am against all things TRUMP.

I am certain the next Republican candidates in all states and for President are taking notes from yesterday. This is prime time realignment of money, people, rulers, and rules. Trump is now out of that picture, no matter how much money he pretends he has.

Look at the failure of his social networks in numbers and opinions. Even if Elon puts him back on Facebook, that is a joke, an idle joke. Again, I am a social historian. The former President will never get on the presidential podium again, and if he does, there will be a more informed opposition within his own platform now that his daughter and her husband and others have left his side. Read the facts, William P. Barr, other Department of Justice senior staff, his own White House council all said as much in their actions after November’s election.

This has taken 18 months to get out, but that wait was worth the facts! Social historians call this “fact formation.” It seeps into the voting public and the general momentum of a society. TRUMP IS DEAD.

Finally, you can see that Vice President Pence was honorable. Trump himself endorsed “Pence’s Hanging.” You could see it. That is not only disloyalty to the party. It was insane. Hope this helps, my friends. — Bruce



Bruce Piasecki

Dr. Bruce Piasecki is the president and founder of AHC Group, Inc., NYT bestselling author, speaker, advisor on shared value and social response capitalism.