Photo from Discover Saratoga
  1. Race Track: Open to thousands of people, rich and poor, fun-loving and simply obnoxious. Grade: A-
  2. Saratoga Library: Needs a lot of work! Grade: D- (see below).
  3. Saratoga High School: I think this place, which trained my daughter, and her teams of friends, gave her more for less than the prep schools in “the city” or “Boston” or the other stow-away institutions of renown like the Albany Academy for Girls. The High School is a fun place to visit for Volleyball games, although “The Streaks” winning many awards for their track stars, I like them more for their other sports. And what they do — outside of the track coaches — for the overall students health, learning, preparation, and well-being. Grade: A+
  4. Saratoga Hospital: A small town place, it still has modern technology, attractively trained specialized doctors, and a fit Emergency Room. As my daughter now knows Medicine and doctoring first hand, I can say that it is reassuring to hear the good reports of the ICU rooms. Grade: A+
Photo from Saratoga.com



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Bruce Piasecki

Bruce Piasecki

Dr. Bruce Piasecki is the president and founder of AHC Group, Inc., NYT bestselling author, speaker, advisor on shared value and social response capitalism.