Mother Russia, Ukraine Pride, and My Grandmother who spoke Yiddish, Russian and Polish

I’ve written before, in my memoir Missing Persons, about the profound sensibility of my grandmother, my immigrant, Polish, “undereducated” grandmother.

Anna Kureczko married into the Piasecki (my father’s) family. They met in the new world with in Newark New Jersey many decades ago to avoid both the Nazi and the Soviet threat. My grandmother, like my mother Lillian Ann, was as tough as the biggest nails I could afford as a young laborer, but she was kind. You see in today’s news, too, this special kind of kindness I want you to feel and to witness.

I sometimes dream about my grandmother these nights, wanting to ask her questions, as I hear the stories on the new on how Polish border people have brought in with open hands-and a real operational set of skills — over two million Ukranian refugees since Putin invaded.



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