When Enough proves Enough — evidence of financial fraud versus the simple march of daily savings and frugality.

Bruce Piasecki
2 min readApr 4, 2024


By Bruce Piasecki

Author of Doing More with Less and a new book of social history, Wealth and Climate Competitiveness

Perhaps my mind and my personal good old political feelings are still bound between the lasting inventive frugality of Ben Franklin and the enlightened chapters of the Bible.

This gives me faith in our electoral decisions.

If you measure up from now to the 2016 scandals, I am trying to think past the cult of Donald Trump. I ask each of us— ”After paying two large penalties in the last few months for criminal and civil charges past 200 million — at what point — may or june or july — do the great stern majority of American voters view him as a common criminal?” Let us wait and see.

Sure some find him entertaining. Others find him bold, not old. But at want amount of payments do we recognize a pattern?

Ben Franklin was like Trump a master of impression management, celebrating his private saved wealth while walking thru Philadelphia each evening at the end of each workday with a wheelbarrow of goods printed at his shop.

Yet the accumulated impressions of Trump suggest greed, self — importance, false valuations and an abundance legal fees!

Please explain this to yourself my friends by July fourth.

See the books and news as proof. Read John Lamiere’s The Big Lie



Bruce Piasecki

Dr. Bruce Piasecki is the president and founder of AHC Group, Inc., NYT bestselling author, speaker, advisor on shared value and social response capitalism.