Donald Trump is Dead: Long Live a Better Republican Party

Bruce Piasecki
4 min readDec 5, 2021


I can not take it any more. Having served many moderate Republicans in my days in Washington, and after, I must say Donald Trump’s chances of revival have died since the January 6 insurrection attempt. It is now clear to all sensible folks, and you can track that in the world press and in supermarkets.

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I am a social historian who comments in my books and columns on politics, business, on the swift and severe changing human perceptions at play. No one knows for sure, but trends are clear over time. That is my profession and my training. I assert now this is a historic fact, not an ideological claim nor hope.

Donald Trump is now DEAD.

I mean of course his political body. The living selfish monster can still rage from his retreats, and strive, I hope, to pay off his debts. He can still be cruel, and slanderous, and full of statements that land flat. He will be furious but lacking consequence from now on. Yet Donald Trump as a politician is dead; and as a social critic as well.

It is the corpus of Donald Trump that is now dead, and all that he stood for.

Ronald Reagan lives; as do the Bushes, but Donald Trump is now Dead.

The great moderate Republicans will now make a comeback by the midterm elections, I sense, and if they lose big then, the entire party will remake itself at last in an image more like the opposite of Donald Trump. We have some examples leading into the midterm elections. Think like the Glenn Youngkin real businessman that won the Virginia governor role by “not” being The Donald. He is a real businessman, not a TV type full of spin and spiddle.

Glenn Youngkin win in Virginia governor’s race comes from sidestepping Donald Trump. | Cliff Owen/AP Photo


Furthermore, as noted by Marcus in today’s, “the stench” of The Donald matters, like bodies rotting outside medieval towns. You need to burn them. You can begin to see the burnings start, witness how Trump’s cheerleaders have left for jails. There is now a five year history to jail one after the other. I remember taking training in DC affairs from Paul Manafort four decades back, — it was in a lobbying training camp in DC proper — when Paul back then still played both parties like a master.. But Paul got infected by The Donald. Now Steve Bannon and his clan of well-healed losers are bringing his party into an UN-REELECTABLE STATUS rapidly. Once infected, you only die in flames.

When the world learned this December, that THE DONALD’S putrid debate against Biden involved Covid droplets, I stood stunned. Think about this as an ordinary citizen of the world, as someone shopping in a Walmart or your local neighborhood supermarket. Would you want to be near The Donald?

Back then, of course, the entire world was left in some darkness about the real threat of the pandemic that would take so many million lives. But the news that The DONALD was SICK, INFECTED with COVID during their debate — and HE and his loyal staff KNEW IT. Well that“verified” with the weight of Covid-19 that The Donald is a fraud to me.

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I lost any remnant of faith in the man this month; thus, the intensity of the writing.

How can he enter a Presidential debate in such denial? How can he then after the weak debate, go to the Presidential doctors! Like with his personal tax fraud, the horrid details will all get out by Biden’s re-election campaign. The timing of history says three things at once:

  1. Donald Trump is Dead.
  2. His Republican brand of the party is infected.
  3. He is so clearly ready to destroy “the party” we must announce our departure from Trump Republicanism. Jump in. Comment now.
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Let it be known that I was also trained by federal lobbyists to work for Democrats. That is the way of our world. You play both sides to find a workable middle. That is what it takes to land legislative complexity, like we see now before Christmas in the build back better legislation, and then by the new year in the Defense Reauthorization bills I expect to be signed, if history and patterns are correct, in the late morning hours before New Years rest.

The Lesson in all this: To be extreme is to be infected with self glory that does not last long in Washington. Just look at the film — “Georgetown ‘’ — starring Vanessa Williams if you want that brought home. There are snake oil charmers that defraud for an election cycle, but seldom for two cycles. Think about it. History cleanses all.



Bruce Piasecki

Dr. Bruce Piasecki is the president and founder of AHC Group, Inc., NYT bestselling author, speaker, advisor on shared value and social response capitalism.