by Bruce Piasecki, founder of AHC Group Inc, and with Andrea Masters, founder of the Creative Force Fund

Over the last year, we established a $5,000 Annual Award for an impactful writer younger than 40. 😉😉😉😉😉✌✌✌✌.

You have only 3 WEEKS LEFT to apply this year. Read below to learn of Event, the judges, and how to apply in future years, while enjoying this Festival.

Here are the details. Even if you choose to wait another year as your mature your work on Business and Society, come this year to meet the players of this genre.

  1. Our award winner will be presented the Award (check and supporting short speech) in a dinner with significant writers present.
  2. For example, my friend Jay Parini will present the award this year. Jay is the author of over thirty significant books, and the author of the Independent Film starring Helen Mirran as Mrs Tolstoy, THE LAST STATION.
  3. After the Awards dinner, you will hear thru that Saturday presentations that the New York State Writer’s Institute secures of many other writers. On their craft. On their results. On why they try?

4. Come to this annual New York State Writer’s Institute Festival even if only to meet Jay! Contact the Writer’s Insitute directly for the AGENDA/schedules.

5. Each year this Albany based event attracts 550 to 600 of America’s most noted writers, with the new generation present. That is why my wife, Jay, and Paul Grondahl who leads the Writer’s Institute are hosting this Award the night before you can attend the free Festival.

And here is a new advance on the Award for future years.

Here below is the committment from the founder and CEO of BOOK BABY to serve in future years as one of our five judges, the ever honest and productive Steven Spatz. Please take the time to google his name and firm, any young writer needs to know about Spatz and his successful ventures — some links below. It took me a dozen books before I met Spatz. Here is the public part of his note to me:

6. Dear Bruce –

Per our conversation I would be delighted to serve as a Judge finalist for the Creative Force Fund’s annual award for young writers. I can’t think of a better investment of my time in helping to boost and promote the best young business writers.

Best regards,



Steven Spatz
President, BookBaby

DIY Media Group — Custom Media Solutions
BookBaby — Book printing and eBook publishing

Disc Makers — USB drives, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs

Come to Albany this September, and some of you before then, apply to this Award.

7. Here is the Summary of the Award as noted by National Press Club:

New $5,000 award recognizes outstanding writing on business, social impact

Wire Staff April 15, 2021. Reissued

A new non-fiction writing prize will recognize a dynamic writer who aims to ignite positive social change through published work on the theme of business and its impact on society.

The $5,000 Bruce Piasecki and Andrea Masters Annual Award on Business and Society Writing seeks to inspire future generations to become catalysts for a better, more just society.

Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years old and have published at least one work prior to the August 15 application deadline.

Submissions can include essays, research papers, books and articles. Topics must be thematically consistent with positive social impact and business. Themes include, but are not limited to, climate change, racial/gender equality, sustainability, and innovation.

To apply, send your published pieces (link or PDF) and a brief (1- to 2-page) working plan addressing your future writing endeavors and career plans (the next 5–10 years) to (cc: Please contact Debbi Wraga, a designer of more than a thousand books in her publishing career, with any questions you may have.

The award is being administered in collaboration with the New York State Writers Institute at the University at Albany. This year the award will be presented by Jay Parini, the author of The Last Station, among other books and films. The award is financed by the Creative Force Fund started by Bruce Piasecki, founder of the AHC Group Inc. He is the bestselling author of “Doing More with Less,” “World Inc.,” and “Missing Persons.”

APPLY NOW 🤳🤳🤳👀👀👀✌✌✌✌

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Bruce Piasecki

Dr. Bruce Piasecki is the president and founder of AHC Group, Inc., NYT bestselling author, speaker, advisor on shared value and social response capitalism.