For several years in February, my wife and daughter and I visited the warm calming waters of the St. Johns’ island, a most wondrous space that still remains mostly under-developed, having been saved from exhaustion by being a Rockefeller preserve for decades. I am certain that this lover’s paradise in the Virgin Islands matters to many; and I am certain that hard work and earnest savings disappear as you step off into that paradise. You do not need to be an elite to get there. It is affordable if you are Ben Franklin all over again, and save the thousands it takes, using less to do more.

You see elliptical star coral, golf-ball coral, staghorn coral, and even profusions of Ivory bush coral. The scrawled filefish flies by, politely. Everything seems to float easily in these very salty waters, even my bad basketball knees. I can scuba and snorkel for hours, waves nudging you inland mostly. You see banded butterfly fish dart by, as well as some ocean going barracuda. You know when to stop, as you feel the colder swifter currents of the ocean at a certain point, and you bring your young daughter and fears back into the bay.

This entry is about moving beyond blame by not getting in too deep. We need the Biden/Harris infrastructure build back better mantra to keep our economy going after this time of climate change, Covid-19, and social unrest. We need to create an atmosphere that we are all in this warmer waters together, ready to proceed with proverbs and prophets beside us.

When I have watched too much of the George Floyd trial, I retreat into these images of St. John’s, and the general feeling of forgiveness my memory allows. When I hear all the mean spirited critique of this framework to free America for the future, I like to return to my memories of swimming with these fishes and crustaceans in our oceans.


In the Tempest, act 5, scene 1, Shakespeare captures the feeling:

“O Wonder!

How many goodly creatures are there here!

How beauteous mankind is!

O brave new world,

That has such people in’t.”

Any beach bum, like me, knows what is under the sea’s surface can be found in the human panorama as well. From travels to the five continents, to wandering as an Idler watcher in several dozen of the near 200 nation states in our world, the more you see of the range of people and the range of cultures, the more you become a citizen of the world, and less a competitive animal of one view of things.

Thomas Jefferson, and other federalists, knew that in commerce we make piece. A 21st century equivalent might say: that in diversity and inclusion we make a climate friendly future. In short: What a wonderous diversity of peoples and personalities we have in America, and the world. Now is the time to refine our lifestyles from waste and excess into being like Ben Franklin all over again.

As indicated with logic, rather than description, in my prior Medium.com entry of this week, we need to move beyond blame.


There are many people who argue from a poisonous position of discontent. I now see them as self-defeating Jeremiads. Jeremiad is a term derived from the Old Testament project Jeremiah, who my PHD professor the late great M. H. Abrams defines in his Glossary of Literary terms in a way that warrants why we need to stop listening these days to the Jeremiah’s in Washington politics, and the Jeremiah’s making any progress in energy insufficient.

Abrams notes: “In the seventh century B.C. Jeremiah attributed the calamities of Israel to its abandonment of the covenant with Jehovah and its return to pagan idolatry….Jeremiah called on his people to repent and reform in order that Jehovah might restore them to His favor and renew the ancient covenant.”

Now when you read the political Jeremiahs, there is some Old Testament fervor to their passion. And when you read those criticizing the need to use Natural Gas as a bridging fuel into a cleaner energy mix, you hear some magniloquence. Yet we need more EV stations, the new widely elected President Joseph Bidden pledges funding for 500,000 such stations in ten years. Yes that is the start we need, and we need superior means of 5G, not less.

But swimming with the fish of St. John’s my bet is that the modern world knows better that tolerating those that want us to go out into the colder ocean currents. The Bidden Harris framework is changing the next fifty years. Amen.

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